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Philoi Education


Philoi have been creating a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be accessible to anyone with a device and internet connection around the world.

We are offering two main educational courses for free:

1. Vocational English Training (VET)

Most English training programs are focused on functional English. There is a large gap for non-English speakers when navigating vocational English. Philoi aims to bridge the gap between functional and vocational English so that non-English speakers can maximise their opportunities in the workforce, and are able to be employed in meaningful jobs when resettling in another country. Currently, this program is being implemented with Afghan refugees via Zoom to provide access within their rooms in the refugee camps. We are hoping to expand this program to other CALD communities. Philoi desires to equip people who go through the 40 hours of the Vocational English Program with skills that will assist them with effective communication. This will introduce job seeking and job landing skills, education on writing strong cover letters and resumes, provide interview skills, education about how to handle complaints and conflict at work and in day to day life in a new country, and eventually support them to feel at home in a new land.

2. Counselling First-Aid

Refugees and asylum seekers experience profound trauma from distressing events that impact how they think, act and relate to others. Many cultures hear the words ‘mental health or ‘therapy’ and instantly want nothing to do with it due to cultural taboos and shame. This deters refugees from pursuing mental health assistance. This project will offer refugees who have experienced trauma to receive help without directly being associated with culturally triggering words such as ‘mental health’ and ‘counselling.’ To do this effectively, Philoi has a series of ‘entry programmes’ (points of natural access) with some refugees so that we can hear them talk about what they have gone through. An example of Philoi’s entry point is our Vocational English Training (VET), where we teach English and have conversations with these refugees about their situations through the use of Zoom.

We are excited to see where this LMS goes in playing a part in bridging the gap in resources for refugees and those displaced throughout the world.