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Home Catalysts

Philoi Catalysts are either individuals or organisations who are dedicated to fostering innovation to address the needs of their communities.


They are “known to God, but unknown by men,” meaning they are key leaders in their areas who are passionate to address their local community concerns, often in creative and innovative ways. These leaders are often amongst displaced communities, or are displaced themselves. They have direct access and understanding to communities who are in need of assistance better than we do here in Australia.


Philoi are committed to journeying along with our partners in supporting and encouraging them in their quest to aid their community. This partnership includes:


  • Identifying the needs of a particular group/community, and the barriers involved to achieve this need
  • Discussing effective ways in which assistance can be given
  • Reaching the end goal of self-sustainability where possible
  • Encouraging our partners spiritually and emotionally, enabling them to care for their community


These catalysts are on the frontlines, tackling challenging associated with providing relief, facilitating resettlement, and addressing relocation needs for forcibly displaced people. We believe in empowering them to achieve what we cannot from here.