Stand with R.U.T.H.

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In a world where the displacement crisis only continues to increase in urgency, single women and children are among the most vulnerable. Navigating the complexities of displacement, they face discrimination, ostracisation, and traumatic events. Over and over again, Philoi encounters stories of resilient women who remind us of Ruth in the Bible. Ruth is known for her resilience, faithfulness, and courage – all of which are particularly poignant in light of her experience as a refugee without male support.

They are often widowed or divorced, fleeing from abusive marriages and facing conflict and persecution.
They are seeking safety, refuge, and a chance to rebuild their lives.
They remain hopeful, resilient, and incredibly courageous.

As we contemplate Ruth’s story. we are reminded of the urgent need to care for some of the most vulnerable in the world – women and children who are currently experiencing displacement.

In supporting the RUTH project, you are helping us give support in the following areas: counselling first-aid, emergency relief, medical support, education support, employment assistance, safe houses, resettlement support, and advocacy.

Join us as we stand with the ‘Ruth’s’ of our time.

“…look after the orphans and widows in their distress…”
James 1:27