Refugee Travel Assistance

Ref 290-4

Refugees and displaced people often experience immense and specific persecution due to their Christian faith. The constant and legitimate threats of death leave them with no other option; they must leave their home, or be killed.

Daniel* is an Iranian underground church leader who was arrested and tortured by the authorities for his faith. He was forced to flee to Turkey with his family to escape death. After years of waiting in limbo to be resettled in Australia, they were granted visa 202 and were sponsored by Philoi.

Philoi is expected to provide travel and initial settlement costs for those persecuted Christian refugees. They are proposed/sponsored by us, and have obtained Humanitarian Visas (202). With the help of our partnering networks and the generosity of our supporters, the family mentioned are now residing in Australia and are grateful to be in a safe country.

The average cost of sponsoring a refugee to travel to Australia is $1,500 AUD. Would you consider contributing to help them as they start their new life?

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers…”
Hebrews 13:2