Far from Home

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Nevi* is a young migrant worker from Sri Lanka, working as an undocumented person in a Gulf country. She is excluded from the rights of a citizen and has no legal protection. She sees no choice but to continue to work to provide for her family who are in Sri Lanka. *Name changed due to security reasons. Front image for illustration purposes only.

Migrant workers around the world are flooding into the Middle East and South East Asia. They usually originate from developing countries that are experiencing financial crisis and war. If they are semi-skilled or unskilled workers, they are left extremely vulnerable because their protections are limited.

They are exposed to hazardous working conditions, discrimination, insecure visa arrangements, systematic underpayment, and modern slavery.

They are working far from their home, often trying to support their families from a distance. We are networking and equipping our partners (in the ‘sending’ and ‘receiving’ countries) to understand their legal rights, providing fellowship, safe houses, and repatriation support when needed.

Would you consider supporting migrant workers?

Do not take advantage of a hired worker, who is poor and needy…’
Deuteronomy 24:14