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Partner with us! Below you will find various projects that support the relief, relocation, and resettlement of forcibly displaced persons. We hope that as you explore our projects in support of persecuted & displaced Christians, a particular project will resonate with you.

We also encourage you to consider the General Fund (REF 260) option that will assist operational management & support projects where it is needed most.

Stand with R.U.T.H.

(REF 270) ‘Refugees Undergoing Trauma & Hardship’. Over and over again, Philoi encounters stories of resilient women who remind us of Ruth in the Bible. Ruth is known for her resilience, faithfulness, and courage, all of which are particularly poignant in light of her experience as a refugee without male support. 

Support women and children who are currently experiencing displacement.

(REF 290-9) We kindly request your participation in organising a BAKE SALE event in 2024, in solidarity with forcibly displaced individuals as we commemorate World Refugee Sunday on the 16th & 23rd of June. This initiative seeks to raise awareness, encourage prayers, and gather support to address the pressing issue of global hunger among displaced communities worldwide.

Emergency Relief (Rice to Arise)

(REF 290-6) Kavita* lives in Sri Lanka and lost her husband as a result of the 2009 civil war. She has 4 children. Finding 2 meals a day for them and herself is challenging. Furthermore, it is not easy for a widow to find employment in the midst of a financial crisis. *Name changed due to security reasons. Front image for illustration purposes only.

Refugee Travel Assistance

(REF 290-4) Refugees and displaced people often experience immense and specific persecution due to their Christian faith. The constant and legitimate threats to their life leave them with no other option; they must leave their home, or be killed.

Daniel* is an Iranian underground church leader who was arrested and tortured by the authorities for his faith.

Recruit a Refugee

(REF 290-4) Refugees are uprooted from their homes due to conflict and persecution. Before they were forced to flee, many of them had meaningful employment and careers that they worked hard for. Australia has created a pathway for skilled refugees to apply for Skilled Migration Visas, allowing them to enter the country with employment opportunities.


(REF 290-5) Those who are forcibly displaced are limited by legislation, and lack opportunities to earn a living. ‘REF-Produced’ stands for ‘Refugee Produced.’ Philoi partners with the forcibly displaced by amplifying their voices in creating market opportunities. These avenues would otherwise be impossible for them to cultivate on their own. All the proceeds from from REF-Produced will go towards church-based community development projects in those respective countries, as well as the individuals who produced the items.

Far from Home

(REF 290-2) Nevi* is a young migrant worker from Sri Lanka, working as an undocumented person in a Gulf country. She is excluded from the rights of a citizen and has no legal protection. She sees no choice but to continue to work to provide for her family who are in Sri Lanka.

Migrant workers around the world are flooding into the Middle East and South-East Asia. They usually originate from developing countries that are experiencing financial crisis and war.


(REF 290-7) Philoi is creating a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be accessible to anyone around the world who has a device and internet connection. It is designed for the displaced and those who work with the displaced. They will have access to the course for free.

'Martyrs Memorial'

(REF 290-3) In India 2008, the district of Kandhamal Orissa was lit up by Hindu fundamentalists who led the anti-Christian campaign. The violence lasted for weeks, with police standing by as more than 100 Christians were killed, 6,000 Christian homes were destroyed, and over 600 villages were ransacked. The attack left up to 75,000 people forcibly displaced. The resources from the churches were burned – erasing everything the community had.

'Let My People Go'

(REF 290-1) Sonya* is a Christian in Pakistan. She and her husband have 5 children. Because of their faith, they are treated as third-class citizens and finding work is difficult. They have no choice but to enslave themselves to the brick kiln industry where they wake up before sunrise every day to knead soil and water into dough, making bricks. If they fail to meet a quota, their wages are reduced. If they pass away, the work will fall on their children. Sadly, their daughters were subject to significant sexual abuse and exploitation by the supervisors at the kilns. 

General Fund

(REF 260) Giving to the ‘General Fund’ helps us to continue our work and invest in emergency relief projects when needed. It is important as the needs of the displaced around the world are highly unpredictable. Having a General Fund helps us to respond immediately to their unpredictable circumstances.

Your contribution will also support the operational expenses of the Philoi Team in Australia.