“God wants me to speak out.”

“I want to sing Gospel songs freely with my Christian friends. I feel like God wants me to speak out about the persecution of Christians.”

This is a story of a Christian convert, whom we will call Payan. He has given his life to Jesus. He is currently an asylum seeker in another country, fleeing immense persecution for his faith. He cannot work legally so he is selling Christmas cards with hand painted artworks to support himself. This video tells his story:

My first love was Christmas.

As a child, I was attracted to the Christmas lights and songs sung by our Christian neighbours. But my parents prohibited me from celebrating with them. They told me that Muslims were not allowed to associate with Christians. 

In secret, I painted Christmas cards, hiding them from my parents’ harsh disapproval…

When they discovered I had converted, my parents burned my Bible scriptures in front of me and kicked me out of our home. They said they were happy to kill me for bringing such a great shame on our family…Christ helped me endure each day. 

One day I was kidnapped…they beat me with chains and cut my neck with a blade. I thought I was going to die. My kidnappers said they wanted me to die slowly because of my religion. Thankfully, bystanders intervened and my life was spared.

After the attack…I was helped to flee the country. I am living in hiding in another country under UNHCR asylum status. In my temporary home, I am going to church and taking Bible classes. But as an asylum seeker, I am not allowed to legally work, and my host country will send me back home by December 2024 if I can’t find asylum elsewhere, because there’s not enough money to help refugees.

My dream is to continue making my paintings. I want to sing gospel songs freely with my Christian friends. I feel like God wants me to speak out about the persecution of Christians. 

I am selling my Christmas cards to support my current living and resettlement expenses. My prayer is that these cards would bless you this holiday season, and with the funds from your generosity, I will find a home someday for Christmas. I believe that with God, all things are possible.”

Philoi sold Payan’s Christmas cards on his behalf in Australia, 2023. All proceeds went directly towards his livelihood. Thank you to all who supported him by purchasing his cards. You have blessed him beyond measure.

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$75 can provide a refugee family with emergency food rations, covering their basic needs.

$50 can fund a month’s worth of school fees or supply a school pack for a refugee child.

$150 can assist a refugee family with rent or cover medical expenses.

$9,000 can support a refugee family’s resettlement application or cover flights to a safer location in their home country.

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