Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

As of early May 2022, over 5.5 million Ukrainian people have fled the country, and over 8 million people were estimated to have been internally displaced in Ukraine. Poland, a country of 38 million people, has already taken in nearly 3 million Ukrainian refugees. Many Polish churches have welcomed Ukrainian families into their facilities, gathering donations and volunteering to help the refugees. One of the denominational leaders told Philoi that out of their 110 churches, 80 church facilities had been converted to house and care for refugees.

We had the opportunity to visit Poland to meet with partners, responding to the refugee crisis in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. At this moment, we are helping Ukrainians who have already arrived in Australia with practical aid by providing settlement support and travel assistance. If you would like to hear from the front lines in Poland what is happening for Ukrainian refugees, watch the video below, or click here.