The Fire Road

A Book Review by Philoi Global During the height of the Vietnam war, Kim Phuc Phan Thi was a child at the time a napalm bomb landed near her. The chemical bomb caused her clothes and skin to melt right off her body. As she ran in pain and fear a famous photograph was taken of Kim. This photo became a pivotal Human Right’s turn in the war. It was because of the photo that Kim was evacuated to Cuba to receive immediate medical care for her indescribable wounds. She went on to have dozens of surgeries and had been carrying a bitterness towards her circumstances. At the age of 19, a pastor taught Kim that Jesus Christ came to take our burden and bitterness and it was then that she gave her unforgiveness to Jesus Christ and followed Him. It was through her faith in Jesus and the church that she was able to heal from her trauma as a child. She knew that is was God that protected her from death, allowed her to move to a safe country, and find a strength to help others.