The Story of Bashir, a Kurdish Iraqi Christian

“We thank God for giving us patience with all these difficulties we face because of our faith. We are getting strong by Him each day.

This is the grace of Christ who is with us.”


JULY 3, 2024
Bashir is currently still in Turkey, and is in a detention camp with his family.
Because the Australian Department have not gotten back to him for 3 years, despite having a file number, Turkish Immigration will send him back to Iraq any day. They will send him back into his home town.
Please join us as we pray for a miracle for Bashir and his family.

“The exit permit only allows us to go back to our hometown. And by this, my family will fall into danger. And we have no other choice but to go back. But if we get an interview with the Australian Embassy, our case will be processed for Australia and Turkey will have to keep us until the end of the process.”


JULY 4, 2024
Bashir and his family were forced to buy tickets back to Iraq, where they will face the likelihood of death. 
He messages us: 

“The Turkish authorities took us to the terminal and forced us to buy tickets back to Iraq, where we will arrive the 5th of July. Their attitude towards us was terribly bad, like they have arrested a dangerous criminal. We were deported. Please pray for us to be protected and to live in a safe place. Let us wait for God to work in our lives.”


$75 can provide a refugee family with emergency food rations, covering their basic needs.

$50 can fund a month’s worth of school fees or supply a school pack for a refugee child.

$150 can assist a refugee family with rent or cover medical expenses.

$9,000 can support a refugee family’s resettlement application or cover flights to a safer location in their home country.

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