Finding Refuge: A Successful Story of Resettlement

In a time rife with global conflict and persecution, the experience of displaced individuals seeking safety and refuge often remains unheard. Within these stories are messages of resilience, hope, and unfathomable courage. 

Recently, we had the honour of meeting Mehmet* and his family, following their successful relocation to Australia. Their story is one that encapsulates the common struggle of persecuted minorities and the struggles they face.  

Mehmet’s decision to embrace Christianity led to persecution and the threat of imminent danger for his family. Facing this threat, Mehmet and his family made the difficult decision to leave their homeland and flee to Turkey in search of safety and freedom. Their story is not unique; it displays the struggles of countless others forced to leave behind their homes and loved ones in pursuit of a life free from persecution and religious oppression.

During this meeting, Philoi had the privilege of hearing Mehmet and his family’s account of gratitude towards Philoi. Philoi played the unique role of facilitating their resettlement journey to Australia, including assisting with their application process, and covering the costs of their relocation & resettlement. 

For Mehmet and his family, Philoi was more than just a form of practical help. They acknowledged that God used Philoi in facilitating their journey to Australia, but greater than that, Phloi walked with them in this new chapter in their lives.

As they delved deeper into their story, it became evident that their journey to Australia marked the beginning of a new chapter. Despite the challenges that lay ahead, they embraced their new opportunities, eager to contribute to the new community around them, and willingly embraced new freedoms. Their resilience and determination serve as a testament to the strength provided by faith. 

Philoi wishes to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the supporters and prayer partners who have generously contributed to the resettlement efforts of persecuted individuals like Mehmet and his family. Your financial assistance and prayers have not only provided them with a chance at a new life, but new freedom to live and express their faith. 

As we celebrate this success story, let us not forget that there are many more awaiting refuge and in desperate need of help. Together, let us continue to advocate for displaced persons and actively move toward ensuring their safety. In doing so, we acknowledge their right to freedom of religion, see their desperate need for safety, and hear their pleas for help.

*Names changed for security reasons.


$75 can provide a refugee family with emergency food rations, covering their basic needs.

$50 can fund a month’s worth of school fees or supply a school pack for a refugee child.

$150 can assist a refugee family with rent or cover medical expenses.

$9,000 can support a refugee family’s resettlement application or cover flights to a safer location in their home country.

Reach out to us for more information or any questions you may have. To give, click here.