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Donation Refund Policy and Procedure

PHILOI Global Ltd is committed to transparent, comprehensive, and secure management of donor relationships. 

Purpose and scope

This policy aims to provide PHILOI Global Ltd. with guidance in managing the Donation Refund Policy and Procedure of the organisation.

Policy implementation

Philoi Global Ltd will investigate and process donation refund requests expediently to ensure that donors are refunded within a reasonable timescale. Refund timescales will vary depending on the donation payment method involved.

If the donation amount is over AU $500 and/or exceptional circumstances are present, a refund request must be escalated and approved by the Philoi Global Ltd Board of Directors.

Refunds do not apply after the 30th of June (EFY) because the donor has received the tax benefit at the end of that Financial Year.

If you feel that a donation has been taken in error please e-mail the finance team at